Protectors of Atlantis

A/N: Protectors of the Plot Continuum was founded by Jay and Acacia. Excerpts taken from The Other Sheppard by T L Kay. This mission was chronicled by IndeMaat.

The Other Sheppard

"You call it what?"

"Stargate Atlantis," Tasmin said with a sigh.

"Never heard of it." Allison shook her head.

"It's a spin-off of Stargate SG-1."

"I've heard of a film by that name. Well, by the name of Stargate."

"SG-1 is based on that movie."

"All I remember about it is a pyramid opening."

Tasmin rolled her eyes. "That will have to do." She opened a portal. "This Sue doesn't require that much background knowledge for us to be able to pick her out of a crowd."

"Beside that. Why are we getting this mission? We get military based fanfics, not scifi."

"This is is a scifi with a military background. I've requested it."


"Because you need to expand your horizon." Tasmin grabbed her partner by the shoulder and shoved her through the portal.


The agents entered the fic in the Transport Chamber. Doctor Weir was standing by the Stargate rocking back and forth on her feet. Allison wasn't interested though why the head of Atlantis was bouncing around like a five-year-old excited about having a secret.

"I take these are the fandom appropriate uniforms?" Allison studied the light gray jacket. "This should be a Union Flag, of course, not a Saint George's Cross." She tapped the patch on her left arm.

Tasmin shrugged. "Must be a flaw in the fandom."

"They're nice uniforms though. I like these jackets."

"We're not here about the fashion."

"When do we ever go into a fic to pick up some fashion advice? Come to think of it, when did we ever go into a fic where it had even been possible to get good fashion advice?"

Tasmin glared briefly at her partner. "Never mind that. Look, just to get you up to speed, that's a Stargate, and those people coming through it are all canon. That's doctor Rodney McKay; the one he's talking to is lieutenant-colonel John Sheppard. Behind them are Ronon Dex and Teyla Emmagan. That woman is doctor Elizabeth Weir; she's in charge of this operation. And next to her is doctor Daniel Jackson. He's from Stargate SG-1, but here because he likes to socialize."

"And who's that at the console?" Allison pointed at a uniformed person of unidentified gender and race.

"No one deemed important enough to get a description, let alone a name."

"An extra then?"

"Most likely."

The agents were quiet as Weir addressed the Away-Team.

“Yes. In fact that’s why I was waiting for you. I’d like you to come with me to meet your new team member.”

“I’m sorry, new team member?” said John. “Why do we need a new team member?”

"What are the chances of Weir replying: 'we don't, but I found her as a surprise in a Christmas cracker and I decided to keep her'?"

Tasmin glared at her partner and Allison quickly jumped out of arm's reach.

“Well, as I’m sure you are all aware, none of you is exactly qualified to deal with anything archaeological. Not to mention the fact that between the four of you you only know a handful of Ancient.”

"That's good, isn't it?" Allison carefully eyed her partner. "The author found a weakness of the team and decided to help out."

"If only the new team member just completed the team's weakness. If only she brought with herself the weaknesses that come with nosey archaeologists. Then this would be a proper story and we wouldn't be here. Besides, Weir is a linguist who knows Ancient, and McKay has developed some translation algorithms. Between the two of them I don't really see the team have an actual problem."

McKay and Sheppard continued to question Dr Weir about why she would bring an extra member into their team as she lead them to the infirmary to meet said new member. The two PPC agents followed.

"And while Weir talks, you should take notes," Tasmin said.

Allison presented notepad and pen. "I've already got: only reason Weir needs to take on a Sue is that she's a close friend of Jackson and his protégé."

"Add to that she is ex-Air Force and made captain before she left at the age of twenty-six." Tasmin shook her head. "It's a bit young to be a captain. Most captains in the US Air Force are between 29 and 34 years of age. Must have been an accelerated promotion."

Elizabeth smiled. “Yes, they were sad when she left. She got her PhD in archaeology and linguistics last year at the age of 27. She has been studying with Dr. Jackson for the past 5 years and is the foremost expert on Ancient next to Daniel himself. Isn’t that right Daniel?”

"So, she was working hard in the Air Force, to earn herself an accelerated promotion, plus working on her PhD in her off-time." Allison made a note of the Sue's achievements. "On the risk of asking another question you will hate: when did she sleep? She was effectively working two jobs."

"Perhaps she never slept. After a few days of staying awake people start to hallucinate, start to think they are things they are not."

"Such as captains in the US Air Force?"

"Exactly. If she were to stay awake any longer she would die."

"We should be so lucky."

“She’s also a brilliant pilot, one of the best the Air Force ever had, and she has the gene.”


"The ATA gene. Some humans have it. It allows them to activate Acients' technology. It's an important plot point in Stargate Atlantis. Sheppard has it naturally, McKay through gene therapy.

"Mary Sue Litmus Test: does you character combine all of the best qualities of the canon characters? Yes? Then she is a Mary Sue of the worst kind. Please stop writing and pick up a good book."

"Books are not necessarily the places where you learn about writing good characters. Main characters in books are usually special too."

Allison eyed her partner. "You do mean to add to that: but special in a balanced way."

"Of course." Tasmin nodded. "They've got their good side and their bad side. And the problem with Sues is that they don't have enough of a bad side. Or it doesn't hinder the story enough."

The party of SGA people and PPC agents reached the infirmary. While the former went in, the latter stayed outside. Their SEP field protected them from being spotted by canon characters. They were, however, the problem of Sues, so would immediately be spotted by a Sue. That is, by any Sue that wasn't completely self-absorbed. Tasmin and Allison didn't take a chance of finding out early whether that was the case with this Sue, and stayed outside, occasionally stealing glances at what was going on inside.

The young woman hopped down from the bed and turned to the group. There was a look of shock on Sheppard’s face, as well as on the woman’s.

The Sue, to everyone's surprise gave Sheppard a hug. To his question why she hadn't told him she was coming to the SGA she replied she thought he had been dead. She had even given up on ever finding out what had happened to him. McKay then interrupted to ask who she was.

Katie looked at John. “You haven’t told them?” Her voice was icy. “Why haven’t you told them John?”

"Told them what?" Allison asked. "Sheppard just said he didn't know she was coming. And she hasn't exactly giving him much room to introduce her to the rest of his team."

"You're never going to stop trying to find logic in anything a Sue says, are you?"

"Lack of using normal people logic is one of Sues' major flaws. It might be the one thing that turns them into balanced characters. Ouch." Allison had been too slow ducking Tasmin's hand.

The Sue threw a tantrum and then introduced herself as Sheppard's baby sister.

"She's got the baby part right."

The scenery blacked-out for a moment, and when colour returned the agents found themselves outside Sheppard's office listening at the door in the company of Dr Rodney McKay.

"Is he supposed to be this nosey?" Allison asked. "Surely he has better things to do than eavesdrop on a Sue. As a matter of fact, I'm sure I have better things to do than eavesdrop on a Sue."

"No, you don't," Tasmin replied. "Your job is to write down charges on Sues. Eavesdropping is just part of that job."

"I just wish the conversation was a little more interesting than the Sue saying she can take care of herself and that her mum is dating a guy with a limited scope of interest."

"It's interesting that the Sue can't decided whether she wants to be known as Kate or Katie," Tasmin suggested.

"Perhaps one name should go with her pilot persona and the other with her archaeologist persona." Allison turned around and leant with her back against the door. "So, tell me more about this gene thing. When did they find out Sheppard had it?"

"According to the fic Sheppard went missing four years ago, which probably coincides with him going on the Atlantis mission. So, four years ago."

"Assuming the Air Force, or the SG-people, knew these two Sheppards are related, and this gene is important, why didn't they contact her before? If Sheppard has the gene, there's a fifty percent chance a sibling of his has it too."

"It seems they did: she's been trained by Daniel Jackson for five years, though she was never informed about Stargates. And perhaps not even about having the ATA gene."

"Even though the gene is of importance to them."

Tasmin raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, yes, I know: Sue logic is not compatible with real world or fandom logic."

"Sheppard just offered to show her around and a flight in a puddle jumper. You're right, this conversation wasn't interesting." Tasmin pulled the remote activator from her bag. "Let's move on."


A week after her arrival the Sue had already found her place in the team where she had found some common ground with each of them: Teyla liked her for being a woman, Ronon for having a boyish sense of humour, and McKay liked her for being a dabbler at science. Sheppard and Weir were pleased, Tasmin and Allison annoyed.

"I don't think McKay is going to have meaningful conversations about science with someone that just 'dabbles' in the matter," Tasmin grumbled. "Unless she mistakes condescending, verbal abuse for pleasant conversation."

"It is probably her 'boyish sense of humour' that allows her to make witty retorts."

"Funny, I interpreted 'boyish sense of humour' as 'the sense of humour an eight-year-old boy would have'. Witty retorts, clever enough to match McKay, are not part of an eight-year-old's repertoire."

Doctor Weir decided it was time the team went on a mission.

Roughly thirty minutes later Sheppard’s team was ready to go. Katie and John had gotten into an argument about weapons. Katie wanted a P-90 but John seemed to think it was unnecessary, which Kate took for him being sexist, until she saw that Teyla had one, and things got even more out of control.

"How did she manage in the Air Force?" Allison exclaimed. "The woman is incapable of following orders."

"She probably thinks she's not part of the military any more. Erroneously. Write her up for calling her brother sexist for not letting her carry one of the big guns."

"Overprotective would be more appropriate," Allison mumbled as she took the note. "I'm not much for rules and such --"

"Hmm, I've noticed."

"But a person that has made it all the way to captain in the Air Force should know you do not bicker with a superior over the choice of guns. Even if that guy is your brother. It's bad for moral and undermines their position as a leader."

"Very true. And adults don't argue like little children any more. Well, most don't." Tasmin gave her partner a look.

"Hey, I happen to think we always have very mature arguments. And I've never called you a sexist."

Tasmin had to concede that.

After Sheppard lost the argument the team was ready to go. The agents watched as all of them stepped through the Stargate.

"Are we going to follow through their portal or take one of our own?" Allison asked.

Tasmin looked at her partner and a small smile formed around her lips. "Let's take theirs. It's not likely we're going to have many of those opportunities."

Stepping through the gate, Allison noted, was like breaking the surface of a puddle of water, but dry. Also the wormhole was different from stepping through a PPC portal. At least with a portal you could see where you were going before you stepped in. She looked around. The site was pre-industrial urban and to her left was a stepped pyramid. "It looks Mayan," Allison said.

"The Sue noted that the place could fit anywhere in middle America." Tasmin pointed at the Words. "Maya culture was largely located in central America. Fic's just making due with what it's got. C'mon." She pulled her partner on her arm. "They are heading for the mountains."

McKay lead the team, and the agents in its wake, up to a cave. He told them there was something unusual about the readings. The Sue decided that should be investigated and stepped right into the cave. Sheppard went in after her and told her that she should always look around before entering unknown territory.

“Oh please, John. If there was anything dangerous here Major Lorne’s team would have told us.”

He looked uncomfortable, because he knew she was right.

"I think that sentence's not finished yet," Tasmin said. "It should say: he knew she was right handed. Although, I don't know why her hand of preference is relevant at this moment."

Allison chuckled. "I think she was fired from the Air Force for being an idiot and somehow someone made an error on what her commission was."

"Really." Tasmin shook her head. "That things were safe when Lorne's team checked the site does not mean they are still safe. Undesirable elements have proven to be mobile."

McKay and the Sue entered the cave. Teyla stayed behind to keep an eye on them while the other two started on a proper reconnaissance of their surroundings. McKay followed the energy signal. The Sue followed the writing on the wall. They both ended up in the same place, both noting how things were like the Ancient, but at the same time not.

Katie reached out her hand to touch the wall, and found nothing. Her hand went right through the wall with enough momentum to throw her off balance. She had enough time to grab Rodney’s vest in an effort to steady herself before both of them fell through the wall into blackness.

"Stupid Sue." Tasmin rushed forward and threw off her duffelbag as she knelt on the ground. "Who tries to lean in to a wall they're supposed to be inspecting? No one." She rummaged through her bag and produced a torch. "You gently touch an unknown wall. You do not shift your balance towards it." She switched on the torch and carefully felt around for the non-existent wall and the edge of the pit it was shielding. She shone the light down.

Katie’s first thought was of the unbelievable pain that she was in; the second was of the room she was in. She managed to haul herself into a sitting position and look around. She and Rodney were lying on the cold hard ground in a chamber that was filled with an eerie light, and no visible way of generating it.

"That looks like a long way down," Allison commented after she had cautiously installed herself next to Tasmin. "Are we going to follow them?"

"We might, but we're not jumping down this pit, if that's what you mean."

"That's all I wanted to hear. I wouldn't want to get hurt like them."

"They're not hurt."

"Er, I think you just missed the part where she said she was in incredible pain."

"Yes, and then the Sue missed the part where she was no longer in pain as soon as she got up, nor has McKay made any complaints about pain after he woke up from his unconscious state by being shaken. And that man is quite the hypochondriac."

"I see your point. Now, shine your light over here so I can write up this Sue for having an inner ear imbalance, and unusual healing powers."

Sheppard came to sit next to the two agents. He called for McKay and the Sue on his radio. They informed him they had fallen through a wall. Sheppard threw a rock through the wall. The Sue protested over the radio that it nearly hit them. Then wondered if they were also able to go back through the wall.

She looked around on the ground for the stone that had landed near her feet. She found it and threw it up at the area she guessed they had come from. Some twenty feet or so above them the rock disappeared into the wall.

Both agents quickly sat back and the rock hit Sheppard.

"How convenient that she manages to throw the rock against the wall at the right height on her first try," Allison said.

"You are forgetting that the missing wall itself is at least ten feet tall. There was a lot of leeway for her." Tasmin switched off the torch. "As a matter of interest: what if there is no real wall on this side at all? I mean, what if down below, where they are, there isn't a wall either."

"You mean that this cave is right above another cave?"


"Could be interesting. It would mean that they couldn't just boulder back up. They would have to be pulled up or do some rope climbing."

"Hmm. No one here seems to be thinking of that possibility. Those two scientists below haven't entertained or explored the option. I hate it when canon just sits around on their asses and waits for the Sue to make the next move."

The agents stuck their heads back through the wall and looked down into the chamber.

Rather than inspect the cave McKay decided to ask the Sue what she was mumbling about before she made them both fall into a pit. The Sue explained she thought the writing on the wall was a hybrid language:

“A hybrid of Ancient…and Goa’uld.”

"Does she mean as in Esperanto, or hybrid as in English is the hybrid of all the languages spoken by all the peoples that ever invaded the British Isles?"

"How am I supposed to know what this Sue means?" Tasmin asked her partner. "Trying to figure out Sues is your kink not mine."

Allison rolled her eyes at her partner.

The Sue finally decided to look around the room and saw there was even more writing on the wall. She started to study it to find out why it was a hybrid language and what it said. McKay was still dumbstruck, but mainly dumb.

He looked at her confusedly.

She sighed. “You know, for a genius you’re kinda dumb. You said the readings were the strongest behind the wall, well look around, we’re behind the wall.”

"Wow," Allison said. "I've never quite so literally seen a canon wait for a Sue's cue before he could go do something useful."

"Yeah. It's painful," Tasmin grumbled.

McKay and the Sue both went about their respective business until the Sue ran into something useful: she found a code in the writing. She thought that if the symbols would be pressed in the right order an exit would open. She pressed the symbols and shortly after the chamber started to convert. A staircase leading up to the entrance came from the wall, other chambers opened up packed to the brim with Ancient technology.

"It's like Aladdin's cave." Allison was in awe.

"Ali Baba," Tasmin corrected. "And if I know the Ancients well, there should be a few more trapdoors and other nasty surprises."

Sheppard, Ronon and Teyla seemed to decide they had spent long enough thinking up a good game plan and without any preparations went through the non-existent wall down the stairs. From the stairs they saw a chamber that had also caught McKay's and the Sue's attention: an Ancient stasis chamber with a man in it. The man opened his eyes. Sheppard immediately pulled his gun on the man he identified as Goa'uld. The Goa'uld rolled up his eyes and fell from his chamber. The Sue quickly caught him and lowered him to the ground.

"Did that Goa'uld just faint?'

"Looks like it."

"And did that Sue just display an act of incredible stupidity?"

Tasmin nodded. "The Goa'uld are evil. She should know that. She's been studying with Daniel Jackson for five years. If anything, he must have taught her that. Yet, she jumps between this Goa'uld and the gun pointed at him. What is she playing at?"

Somehow the Sue managed to convince the others that an unconscious, unarmed Goa'uld was not a dangerous Goa'uld.

"Should we step in now before she does irreparable damage to the canon characters?"

Tasmin put up her hand to stop Allison descending the stairs. "I would like to see where this is going. Perhaps we get lucky, the Goa'uld wakes up and kills her with his bare hands."

While everyone else waited and the Goa'uld slowly regained consciousness, the Sue and McKay, who started to more and more behave like her lackey, found an information console and started to translate it.

"Isn't it just convenient how aliens always leave information panels lying around as if they were statues in a bloody museum."

"I thought you weren't familiar with any scifi?"

"Well," Allison bobbed her head, "I've heard other agents talk in the cafeteria."

"This guy's information plate says his name is Adrianus and he crash landed here."

"That's nice of him, isn't it, to keep his plate up-to-date like that."

"It is, but it seems to have been his intention." Tasmin nodded towards the Words.

Below the man woke up and the Sue rushed to his side. The man, Adrianus, confirmed what she had gathered from the information plate. He was weak and the Sue suggested he should rest.

“I’m dying. I was dying when I went into that thing, I only did it to make sure that someone would find me and I could pass on the information.”

"Yes, but why was all this information interesting?" Tasmin asked no one in particular. "You wrote an information plate saying that you crash landed here. Anyone could have gathered that from the mere fact of finding you here. Interesting would have been why you had come here in the first place. What would you have done had you not crash landed?"

"Are you willing the Sue to use a logical plot?"

"I'm not so big a cynic that I think such a thing is impossible."

The look on the man's face told the Sue that he had not much time left. The host had slipped into a coma and his body was dying soon. Most people with any knowledge of Goa'uld would think that a good thing. The Sue asked Sheppard to fetch her some water so he would be out of the way, and then opened her mouth over that of the man, offering herself as the new host for the Goa'uld.

Allison had to grab hold of Tasmin to keep her from tumbling down the stairs.

"Does she think this is heroic, or something?" Tasmin recomposed herself.

"You know what Murdock once said: there is a thin line between crazy and brave, but for Ray Brenner it was pure brave."

"And this is too crazy to be anywhere near just crossing the line between brave and crazy. We're talking completely different ball parks here."

"Sports metaphors, that's a new one. Here, have some chocolate." Allison pulled Tasmin's bag closer and rummaged through it in search of some chocolate. She gave one bar to Tasmin and helped herself to the other one.

Down below the SGA team had cleared out of the chamber. Only the body of Adrianus was left behind, but that was of little interest to the two PPC agents. Allison sat back and looked at the Words. She had a feeling that it would perhaps be best if they didn't get in too close proximity of the Sue for the moment. She glanced at her partner. Tasmin chewed on her chocolate with malice. Tasmin was usually the cool headed one of their partnership. She wondered what had tipped her over the edge.

The Words informed Allison that the Sue was brought to the infirmary and flat-lined. Ronon had to physically restrain Sheppard.

Tasmin huffed. "If she means that much to him that he wants to throw himself at her like a hysterical widow then why didn't he say goodbye to her before going to Atlantis?"

"Because he was afraid she would get hysterical and hang on to his leg to keep him from going?"

Tasmin growled.

"The fic is actually getting into that." Allison pointed at the Words about a chapter lower. "Weir asks Sheppard to come for a walk, and he bares all. It's almost pornographic."

Tasmin bit off a piece of chocolate with such vigilance that it scared her partner.

"Apparently, with the Sue being his junior by ten years and both his parents being career Air Force Sheppard had to take care of her." Allison paraphrased Sheppard's speech to Weir. "Does the Air Force really pay that poorly that a general with a working wife can't even afford a care-giver for his kids?"

"In the early 80s a One Star General would have a monthly basic pay of about three-and-a-half, four thousand dollars, depending on their years of service. Pay has increased considerably since then, but we also used to get a lot better value for dollar."

"But a care-giver for the little ones?"

"Naturally. Besides, a general wouldn't want people around the base to know that his eleven-year-old son was an acting nanny. He would get laughed at."

"Then the general dies, and, I guess, hadn't provided a pension for his widow-"

"Yeah, right."

"Sheppard took care of his sister for ten more years, then his mother remarries and his evil stepfather forbids him to see his sister ever again. Then the thing in Afghanistan happens and he just gives up on her."

"Right, Sheppard giving in to a bully, where have I heard that before? Not in this fandom!"

Allison staggered back a little and quickly lobbed her bar of chocolate to her partner to placate her. "I need you to be calm before we can charge this Sue."

"I am calm." Tasmin grimaced. "Set the portal. We're going in."


The Sue flat-lined again. Sheppard bolted into the infirmary only to be caught by Ronon. Doctor Keller called time of death. Ronon let go of Sheppard and he collapsed in a sobbing heap on the floor. Weir knelt down and pulled him into her arms.

Then the Sue sat bolt up right. She was alive. It seemed the Goa'uld had sacrificed itself so that she should live. Ronon asked how that was possible.

“That,” she sighed, “is an excellent question.”

"And we're here for the excellent answer." Tasmin stepped into the infirmary pointing her Colt M1911 at everyone, but mostly the Sue.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" the Sue asked.

"Agents Tasmin and Allison, Protectors of the Plot Continuum. We're here to charge you with crimes against fanfiction in general and Stargate Atlantis in particular."

"Katherine Marie Sheppard. Kate or Katie for short." Allison smirked. "Which do you prefer?"

"Katie," the Sue said hesitantly.

"I can see why. It's the more immature version of your name. Immaturity is one of the charges brought against you."


"Charge her properly," Tasmin said without taking her eyes of the Sue.

"I like to vary my chargings a little. They get so boring otherwise."

"Charge her properly."

"Right." Allison sighed. "Captain Katherine Marie Sheppard, Katie. We charge you with being a Mary Sue. You are too young to be a captain; you are barely old enough to have a PhD; you've pretty much been working two jobs and been above excellent in both of them. You have a sob background story, and sadly, you gave Sheppard the same."

"Who are you? What are you talking about?" Sheppard scrambled up.

"Could you hold on to him, please?" Allison asked Ronon.

Ronon replied by gripping on to Sheppard again.

"Let's see what more have we got in the Mary Sue category." Allison studied her notepad for a moment. "Doctor Weir was singing your praise. You could probably replace the entire team, 'cause I'm sure you have all of their best qualities combined and then some. Except perhaps for his best qualities." Allison's eye fell on Ronon. "I don't remember you saying you had great masculine built."

Tasmin cleared her throat.

"Right." Allison quickly reverted back to her notepad. "Further, you have the ATA gene, and are even more of a natural at using it than Sheppard. Though, I don't think we've seen any proof of that here. This we actually consider a good thing. We charge you with having been in the Air Force yet winning a bickering match by calling a superior officer a sexist. We charge you with a complete disregard of military protocol, and having Sheppard here even thinking you are right about it. Added to that, we charge you with pretty much neutering Sheppard."

At this Sheppard tried to lunge at Allison, but Ronon still held on to him tightly.

Allison looked unimpressed. "You make him give in to bullies and people such as yourself that don't know what they are talking about. Really not know what they are talking about. Offering yourself as a host to the Goa'uld? Must be one of the most stupid things I've ever heard of."

"It wasn't a Goa'uld," the Sue replied. "It was a Tok'ra."

"What's a Tok'ra?"

"Sort of like a Goa'uld, but nice," Tasmin replied.

Allison pondered for a moment. "Did you know this when you offered to be a host?" She asked the Sue. "Why didn't you tell the others Adrianus was Tok'ra?"

The Sue shrugged. "It was better for dramatic purposes if that came up later."

"Indeed. If it had come up earlier we might have thought you less of an idiot. Speaking of idiots, we charge you with giving Rodney a lobotomy of sorts, as you took away his brilliance and his arrogance. You have been charged." Allison folded the sheets of the notepad back in place. "Do you understand these charges?"

"I have no idea what they are about."

"You're either not as smart as you claim to be or you don't pay attention very well. These charges are of crimes you committed against fanfiction in general and Stargate Atlantis in particular. Your punishment is death. Tasmin will shoot you."

Which Tasmin summarily did. She unscrewed the silencer from her gun and returned both items to her duffelbag.

"No!" Sheppard managed to free himself from Ronon's hands and threw himself at the Sue, but before he reached her he seemed to come to his senses. "What is this? What's going on here?" He looked around and spotted the two PPC agents. "Who are you?"

"We're the good guys," Allison said. "We're just here to pick up the space debris and let you get on with your business."

Tasmin nodded. The SGA characters gave each other confused looks. Weir took the initiative.

"John, Ronon, can I talk to you in the meeting room?" The men nodded and the three of them left the infirmary.

"You say Rodney had a lobotomy?" doctor Keller asked. "I think I should see him about that." She also left.

"That went rather well," Allison commented. "Any cool places in this fandom where we can dump this Sue?"

"I've thought about feeding her to a Wraith, but she's already dead. So let's just take her with us and throw her in the incinerator." Tasmin grabbed one arm of the Sue and started pulling her off the bed.

A/N: When introducing a new character that is related to a canon character a backstory for the both of them has to be made up. It is, however, important that that backstory does not contradict the character of the CC. I'm a little hard put at believing Sheppard would just give up on his sister because his bully of a stepfather told him he couldn't see her. Both had reached the age of legal majority long before Sheppard went to Atlantis, so I don't really see why anyone could have kept him from staying in touch with his sister.
Since this mission was first published the author (T L Kay) has rewritten and renamed her story. Several of the points I made in this mission have been addressed in the rewrite, to varying degrees of success.

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