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Missions in the subdepartment of Rare Fandoms

The subdepartment of Rare Fandoms deals mainly with Mary Sues found in fandoms with a small fanbase. Most missions feature agents Allison Carter and Tasmin Haynes.

1. Drake's revenge

Agent Allison takes her first assignment in a fic called Drake's Revenge.

Voyagers!, Mary Sue

2. Return to the Cosmos

Allison meets Gary Stu, Mary Sue's male twin, who wants to Return to the Cosmos.

Voyagers!, Gary Stu

3. Heroes of the Night

Allison has another chat with Cassandra when she pays a return visit to Heroes of the night

Voyagers!, Mary Sue

4. The Unexpected Family

Agent Allison receives a new assignment; and she doesn't like it one bit.

A-Team, Mary Sue

5. Past Meets Future

Allison and Tasmin meet Soldier!Sue and are not nearly as baffled as the A-Team.

A-Team, Mary Sue

6. How can this happen to me

Allison finds a way to deal with a borderline Sue, to Tasmin's dismay.

A-Team, Mary Sue

7. A life i never had

Tasmin makes sure this victim!Sue will never have that life.

A-Team, Mary Sue

8. The Darkest Night

Tasmin and Allison battle Bad Slash

A-Team, bad slash

9. Dragon's Eye

Tasmin's patience gets tested by Murdock's goddaughter.

A-Team, Mary Sue

10. Deserved Payment

Tasmin gives soulmate!Sue the payment she deserves.

A-Team, Mary Sue

11-13. A Few Glitches

When working for the PPC agents get sent on the oddest jobs.

A-Team, mini missions

14. Revenge isn't so Sweet

Tasmin gets a taste of just how sweet it is.

A-Team, Mary Sue

15. Deception

Tasmin and Allison are up against a six year old super!Sue. Mission posted in three parts: part one, part two, part three

A-Team, Mary Sue

16. Hogan's Match

Allison is sent on disciplinary detail, to a POW camp.

Hogan's Heroes, Mary Sue

17. Say "Uncle"

It's Decker's niece; for Allison it is personal.

A-Team, Mary Sue

18. You are my Sunshine

Tasmin thinks of a way a Sue can light up a room. Mission

A-Team, Mary Sue

19. Mac's New Partner

Allison gets a transfer and her first mission takes her to France.

MacGyver, Mary Sue, Allison and Steve

20. Time Difference

A museum curator is about to do something terribly out of character. Can Steve and Allison stop him in time?

MacGyver, mini mission, Allison and Steve

21. Kelly Meets MacGyver

A girl gets sucked into her TV.

MacGyver, Mary Sue, Allison and Steve

22. Things You Must Forget

Mac needs to be sobered up. Mission

MacGyver, mini mission, Allison and Steve

23. Macthology

Steve and Allison deal with Mac's adopted daughter.

MacGyver, Mary Sue, Allison and Steve

24. Through Time

Tasmin and Allison are sent troll hunting.

MASH, troll

25. A Chance for a New Life

A Sue in need is a Sue indeed. Mission

A-Team, Mary Sue

26. Angel's Lullabye

Tasmin and Allison find themselves in a crossover and in want of a good map.

A-Team, Mary Sue

27-28. More Glitches

Tasmin and Allison sort out a few more glitches.

A-Team, mini missions

29. Beware of Darkness

Tasmin and Allison are aware of an imposter.

A-Team, bad slash

30. A Bad Dream

To Tasmin and Allison it's more like a nightmare, much more like a nightmare.

A-Team, Mary Sue

31. New Recruits

There's a reason Allison never joined the army. Mission

A-Team, Mary Sue, Gary Stu

33. You Lift Me Up & Flying Lessons

The agents take on a multistory Sue.

A-Team, Mary Sue

34. A Night to Remember

A night Tasmin and Allison would rather forget.

A-Team, Mary Sue

35. Penny and Sky King

Allison and Tasmin are back in the jungle for an unusual situation

A-Team, Mary Sue

36. Loose Ends

Allison and Tasmin take a moment to tie this one up.

A-Team, Mary Sue

37. Over the River

Allison and Tasmin know just the cure for this Sue's drinking problem.

A-Team, Mary Sue

38. A Strange Fate

At the hands of Allison and Tasmin Sues meet a familiar fate.

Stargate Atlantis, Mary Sue

40. Viva Las Suckas

A troll lures the Team, and the agents, to Vegas.

A-Team, troll

42. Love Never Dies

Allison is forced to sit through this story the long way.

A-Team, Mary Sue

43. BA the Mechanic

Allison and Tasmin encounter a Sue of an unusual sort, as unusual as a house cat that is.

A-Team, Mary Sue

44. Forgotton Family and Forgotton Past

Allison and Tasmin sure would like to forget this Sue.

Stargate Atlantis, Mary Sue

45. i'm selling you my soul

Allison and Tasmin are forced to talk Rodney out of killing himself.

Stargate Atlantis, mini mission

46. Before The Worst

Allison hopes this doesn't mean there will be a sequel.

NCIS, Mary Sue

47. The New Girl In Town

New girl, new Sue, what else is new?

NCIS, Mary Sue

48. The Look Of Love

Allison and Tasmin meet Amy's dad, and they're giving him an entirely different look.

A-Team, Gary Stu

49. A Little Loony Girl

Little turns out to be the operative word. Big Sue though.

A-Team, Mary Sue

50. Backbeat Love

Allison takes the backlash of the most boring love triangle in history.

Voyagers!, Mary Sue

51. After the Sunset

Comes the night. After the Sue, comes the PPC agent.

A-Team, Mary Sue

52. Cleaning This Gun

Tasmin and Allison talk Face out of a date.

A-Team, mini mission

53. Loyalty

Tasmin and Allison have to remind the Team what that is.


54. New Beginnings

For Tasmin and Allison the new wears off pretty quick.

NCIS, Mary Sue

55. Winners No Matter What

Sue's don't win when a PPC agent is the matter.

A-Team, Mary Sue, multiple

56. Sheppard's Daughter

What it says on the tin.

Stargate Atlantis, Mary Sue

57. The New Agents

The agents fear they might be seeing double Mission.

NCIS, Mary Sue

58. Darling

Allison finally thinks of a name for the NCIS minis.

NCIS, Mary Sue

59. So you're Italian?

Allison is very glad they brought the dummy into this mission.

NCIS, Mary Sue

60. Jenny Trev

Allison notes that even if the Sue is a seven-year-old, there is romance for Tony. Mission

NCIS, Mary Sue

Allison and Trent's missions.

M1. A Team 2

Allison can't find Tasmin and decides to take Trent with her in stead. Mission

A-Team movie, Mary Sue

Missions in the Scifi department

Emma and Tasmin tackle a multitude of Mary Sues in Scifi fandoms. Mainly Torchwood, but also some Doctor Who and Star Trek.

T01. It's All In The Genes

Tasmin gets a new partner, a new fandom and a new Sue.

Torchwood, Mary Sue

T02. oh god & Strawberry Lovin'

Some fires are easier to put out than others. Tasmin and Emma sort out a few Jack/Gwen romances.

Torchwood, Mary Sue

T03. Baby Moon's Gift

Tasmin and Emma look a gifted horse in the mouth. Mission

Torchwood, canon replacement

T04. Doing the Impossible

Tasmin and Emma are doing the necessary. Mission

Doctor Who, Mary Sue

T05. Another Time Lord

Another day, another Sue

Torchwood, Doctor Who, Mary Sue

T06. Out With a Bang

The Sue got that one right. Mission

Torchwood, Mary Sue

T07. From Dreams to Reality: Classified Dreams

Tasmin and Emma wish these dreams had stayed classified

Torchwood, Mary Sue

T08. Last Resort

Tasmin and Emma always resort to the same methods. Mission

Torchwood, Mary Sue

T09. miley's story

Tasmin and Emma try to make this a short story.

Torchwood, Doctor Who, Mary Sue

T10. Like father, like daughter

Like a PPC mission and a charge. Mission

Torchwood, Mary Sue

T11. A New Beginning

One the PPC agens will shortly end.

Star Trek Voyager, Mary Sue

T12. My Immortal

Not as far as these agents are concerned. Mission.

Torchwood, Mary Sue

T13. Doctor Keira Imogen Stewart

More than apples are needed to keep this doctor away.

Torchwood, Mary Sue

T14. Domestic Violence

Tasmin and Emma perform an emergency exorcism as Rhys is about to beat Gwen.


T15. Riftangel

Not the sort of angel lovesongs are about.

Torchwood, Mary Sue

T16. new start, rock star kid and i hot new boyfriend

A quick end to an imposter!Sue.

Torchwood, Mary Sue

T17. Time of Angels

A Sue interrupts the attack of the Weeping Angels.

Doctor Who, Mary Sue