Protectors of The A-Team

A/N: Protectors of the Plot Continuum was founded by Jay and Acacia. Excerpts taken from Shattered by CindyRyan and from A Sergeant's Choice by junkfoodmonkey. These missions were chronicled by IndeMaat.

More Glitches

Shattered by Cindy Ryan

Tasmin and Allison were doing inventory. That is, Tasmin was doing inventory; Allison was lying on the sofa doodling on her notepad.

"One FLF, slightly scratched and dented." Tasmin put it in her bag. "One CAD, fried. One CAD, never used."

"That's not true."

"When have you ever used it?"

Allison frowned her brow while she thought. "Well, that one time it gave an error message. And that other time it gave an error message. I think I also got a few proper readings out of it so it's probably not broken."

"Good." Tasmin put the device in her duffel bag.


"We're not in," Allison said and turned to a clean page on her notepad.

"As if that would really matter. The console would just beep again until we answer."

Allison drew in a deep breath. "Well, so much for a quiet Sunday morning."

"It's Wednesday." Tasmin pressed some keys and studied the mission assignment.

"But it is still June."

"It's March."

Allison sat up and rubbed a hand through her hair. "I think I better not ask you what year it is."

Tasmin looked over her shoulder and grinned. "It's just a glitch. Murdock is in a pickle."

"He always did say he was condiments." Allison got up an followed Tasmin through the portal.


She looked around the warehouse. In the middle of it stood an armored car. Face and Murdock were busy handling four men. "Are you sure there isn't a Sue in this story?" Allison asked. "The way Face and Murdock took out those four men was dodgy to say the least."

"We're not here for a Sue. A preliminary study showed there was not enough evidence to make a case. We're here for Murdock." Tasmin pointed over to three men near one of the walls.

"He ain't..."The henchman replied but instantly broke off his sentence as Murdock

pressed the butt of his gun against the man's temple.

Tasmin scrapped her throat. "Excuse, Murdock?"

Murdock looked around. "What are you doing here? There are no Sues here." He pointed the butt of the gun to Tasmin.

"I'm here for you." Tasmin took the gun by the handle and easily lifted it out of the hand of the surprised looking Murdock. She turned the gun over and pressed it back in his hand. Murdock was now holding the handle. Then she guided Murdock's hand so the gun was pointing at the henchman again.

The henchman looked at her in fright. "What are you doing, woman?"

"My job. Do continue, y'all." Tasmin stepped back and Face and Murdock immediately turned their attention back to the henchman and the reason they had him slammed up against a wall.

"I still find it dodgy," Allison said as she followed Tasmin back to the response center. "I had a look at the Words. And in that little scene in the warehouse, Face was called Face twice, then once Peck, twice Face and once Peck again. It was like reading the Quickstep."

Tasmin sat down at the desk and rubbed her temples. "Against better judgment I am going to ask you to explain that one."

"Quick, quick, slow. Quick, quick, slow." Allison smirked.

"Lie back down on the sofa and pretend to be helping me with inventory."


A Sergeant's Choice by junkfoodmonkey

"This is goodfic," Allison said looking over Tasmin's shoulder. "There'll be no Sues there. Unless the author fell down the stairs and hurt her head."

"There's a glitch."

"This is very goodfic. There'll be no glitches unless FFnet is under random attack of grammarsites."

"She had one of the characters perform a salute indoor. It is inappropriate to salute indoors."

"C'mon. I see indoor salutes all the time on TV."

"Okay, there are circumstances under which one salutes indoor. These being when reporting to an officer or when on guard duty. Neither is the case here." Tasmin pressed a key and a printer started rattling.

"This could be interpreted as reporting to an officer."

"Then that interpretation is wrong. It's the colonel that comes to the captain's desk. Not the other way 'round. Plus, she's not his commanding officer."

"Has anyone ever told you you are anal?"


"Is that because they don't speak to you?"

Tasmin rolled her eyes and picked up the documents that had just been printed. She put them in a folder. "Are you coming?"

"Oh yeah. Don't want to miss this."


The portal took them right outside Captain Benson's office. Allison studied their disguises.

"I'm just guessing here that gold does not outrank silver."

"That would be a correct assumption." Tasmin grinned. "C'mon."

The agents walked into Benson's office. The captain, who was nearly hidden by piles of folders, sat at his desk holding his head in his hands.

"Captain Benson?" Tasmin said.

Benson looked up, saw the two women and the folder one of them was holding. "Just put it on one of the piles." He sat up straight. "I will take a look at it later."

"It's of importance that you should look at it as soon as possible." Tasmin held out the folder.

Benson took it and put it down in front of him. "What does it say? The A-Team were sighted on the terrain?"

"The documents are Field Manual FM 22-5 appendix 9, and Army Regulation 600-25."

"Instructions on salute?"

Tasmin smiled and nodded. "Just a small reminder."

"I'll have a look at it then."

"Very well. Bye."

The two agents turned around and left the office. Benson sighed and opened the folder.

Just a few glitches that needed to be taken care of, nothing serious. And though Shattered does switch epithets to the point of annoyance, it's not a hanging offense.

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